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KUK Series Memory
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KUK Product After-sale Service Detailed Rules

To ensure the interests of the lawful users of KUK products, the Solar Energy (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. has set up its product after-sale service center, which has particularly formulated the rules as the supplementary articles of the agreement with which to sell KUK products on commission so as to provide better after-sale services of KUK products.

1. Free Quality Guarantee Time Limit: (1) Memory Module--- Quality guaranteed for life: A Solar Energy KUK- brand memory module enjoys quality guarantee for life, that is, since the date of its being purchased, a product may be replaced free of charge if it is damaged because of a natural factor, can enjoy replacement for three years free of charge and is guaranteed for repair for life.

2. Paid Repair Service: If a product is damaged because of a human factor on the part of a client, for example, the appearance of a product has been damaged, the client shall bear the product maintenance cost. Damaged parts include but are not limited to a scratch or fracture to a circuit board, a circuit board being immersed in water or oil, damage to IC particles and EEPROM chip shedding.

3. Item not to be repaired: If damaged parts, including but being not limited to the complete breakage of a PCB, removal of memory particles, which belong to the condition of rejection, are especially serious, maintenance shall not be given. If a label is torn up, making it impossible to be recognized as a genuine KUK product, maintenance shall not be given. If a product has been judged by a repair agency as a non-KUK one or a fake one, maintenance shall not be given.

4. Applicable range for quality guarantee articles does not include the damage because of a non-natural or external factor. If there is one of the following cases, a product shall not be suitable for the articles of KUK product quality guarantee: (1) When a product is damaged because of a non-product factor such as a natural calamity or mis-operation; (2) When a product has been repaired, dismantled or re-installed by a technician not authorized by our company; (3) When a label for quality guarantee or for anti-unsealing is changed or damaged;(4) When the sequence number is not in accordance, damaged or unclear; (5) When a product is bought from a distributor not authorized by Juxing Science Co. Ltd.

5. How to get quality guarantee: To get quality guarantee services, please return your damaged product to a local retailer or agent. And you must provide the serial number (See the product label or the top of a box.) and the detailed account of your encountered problem. You are expected to be given the proof of your purchase date, At the same time, you have to offer evidence of your purchase date so as to ascertain that a product is still within the period of replacement or repair free of charge.


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