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Toshiba Flash output afternoon
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World's second-largest NAND-type flash memory (Flash) manufacturer Toshiba (Toshiba) was started to increase output in July, it might lead to South Korea's Samsung (Samsung), Hynix (Hynix) production follow-up on demand to Flash light signs of industry prospects, fear of worse.
A-DATA Flash module plant in Taiwan (3260), group together (8299) last week have been operating under the revised outlook in May, and June of conservative views on the economy, another plant PQI module (6145) has been the abolition of the credit transaction, types of bad short-term pooling of shares, stock prices may affect the performance of the week.
This A-DATA (1) held a press conference on the afternoon, the external economy that industry. Market concerns, Toshiba and domestic effects of the future module production plant in response to the Road. May 27-DATA╠°┐Ňprice limit to end deadlock, closing down 3.55 yuan, to 47.35 yuan.
According to Japan's NHK reported that Toshiba plans to chip in July to increase production capacity and increase in degree of high production in January this year not seen since.
However, Toshiba said there was no need to increase production and to what extent, only that the demand in the absence of a strong recovery seen before will continue to review the situation of production capacity.
Although the latter Toshiba more optimistic view of potential business, but in May the second half of Flash spot, contract prices have started to fall. Mainstream 16Gb MLC previous specifications Spot the highest average price of 4.74 U.S. dollars has recently been measured to four U.S. dollars back to near the end of the contract price in May fell 2 percent to 6 percent, mainly because some suppliers at the end of the quarter effect, in May have started in late part of high-capacity product price promotion activities.
Flash market to buy gas starts to wait and see, under the first amendment-DATA revenue in May as more than three.
The company said due to the Dragon Boat Festival every May 1 for a long vacation and holidays, together with the NAND prices, the demand for deferred pathway to reduce the rate significantly, the estimated revenue in May than in April for about three percent over a recession.
A-DATA in the second quarter is expected to only a single quarter of revenue to maintain the same level with the first quarter. For the second half remained unchanged previously cautious optimism. Group is of the view that the market has been waiting to buy gas revenue impact in May than in April about a recession as two, hoping the market will not benefit the company this season to "high standard" view, in order to avoid time out after the financial gap .
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