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Gartner: global semiconductor
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Inc. news on May 31, according to foreign media reports, the authority of research institutions Gartner expects the global semiconductor revenue in 2009 will reach 198 billion U.S. dollars, up 22.4 percent decline.
In contrast, global semiconductor revenue in 2008 to 255 billion U.S. dollars. Affected by the economic downturn, Intel, AMD and Samsung and other semiconductor manufacturers have been affected business, which is expected to rebound until the second quarter of next year. + T6 T5 y5 Z4 E9 F1 K
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Gartner Research Vice President Brian Lewis (BryanLewis) said: "First quarter PC shipments better than expected, resulting in market demand, we believe that the processor upgrade, but is actually due to inventory liquidation, rather than the real demand . "
Lewis said the global semiconductor market has yet to bottom out, at present only the Chinese market rebound.
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